Thursday, January 11, 2018

Destiny 2: Hunter Sword: Quick Fang

That Quick Fang sure is wicked. Lets make it!
Ok lets go!

First we 3D model it (images coming).
Then we 3D print it.

Assembled 3D printed sword:

At first I didn't know whether or not I was going to make molds, I painted the 3D print.

Later on, I decided to make molds, so here we go!

One-part mold for the grip

Starting the blade mold

I hate fiber-glass. It's coarse, and it gets everywhere. Haha. No really, it's both those things.

First half of hilt mold with fiber-glass mother mold

Gel-coat of fiberglass resin

Blurry picture of the completed hilt mold

I wrapped the grip in aluminum foil to make a pattern

The (paper) pattern:

Testing some black vinyl for the grip

As usual, there's a gap in my progress pictures. Then again, do you really wanna see all the stages of painting?

In game, the "Veist" logo is very subtle but it is there. For this prop, I used a vinyl stencil that I had a friend make for me. Then I just sprayed some gloss clear coat on it. So basically, like in game, you really don't see the logo unless you tilt the sword.

It doesn't show up in these pics, but the darker upper part of the blade has color-shift paint on it. At different angles, the highlight is either purple or green. -That's how it is in game.

I was able to order some lime-green-colored perforated vinyl for the grip which was perfect!