Sunday, March 15, 2015

Evolve: Val's Medgun

This project came as a commission of sorts. It was while I was working at Turtle Rock Studios that I began working on my Dues Ex: Mankind Divided version of Adam Jensen (go with me here). The biggest problem I had with that costume was my complete lack of sewing skills. I needed to figoure out how to make the "shirt" that you can see in the abdomen.
Fortunately, I would meet a fellow artist at Turtle Rock named, Lindsay Meesak Ordnorff . She was also into cosplay and DID have sewing skills. Like expert-level fashion designer skills! 
As it turned out, Lindsay want working on a Val costume and needed a prop of the Med-Gun. I think you can see where I'm going with this. We basically decided that I would make her the med-gun and she would make me my Adam Jensen shirt.

This was right before I got a 3D printer of my own, but co-owner at Turtle Rock had one and was willing to print out the 3D models.

I was given access to the original in-game files (I started at Turtle Rock about a few weeks before Evolve launched). Then I started breaking up the model into printable parts.

These are the only pics of the final med-gun:

(Pull trigger to activate lights and the spinny thing that's in the back cap)
 In-game screenshot:

It's kind of hard to tell but inside the back cap is a disc with holes in it that lights up and spins while the trigger is pulled. I wanted to try to replicate this action...

...So I got a small motor to mount the disc thingie on.

Testing the El tape lighting that would go in the front slotted detail areas.

It spins! Way too fast though. Hmm. TBH I don't remember how I slowed it down.

El tape went in to light up the spinny thing.

And here we go! Prime, fill, sand! Let's do the 3d print dance!

Gluing the permanently affixed parts.

Front part with El tape wiring ready to be routed.

Developing the trigger mechanism using a microswtich

Lots of wire routing. I left the front part of the gun hollow to house all of it.

This is how I made the electronics accessible.

Some magnets and metal pegs would hold it all together nicely.