Thursday, January 11, 2018

Destiny 2: Hunter Sword: Quick Fang

That Quick Fang sure is wicked. Lets make it!
Ok lets go!

First we 3D model it (images coming).
Then we 3D print it.

Assembled 3D printed sword:

At first I didn't know whether or not I was going to make molds, I painted the 3D print.

Later on, I decided to make molds, so here we go!

One-part mold for the grip

Starting the blade mold

I hate fiber-glass. It's coarse, and it gets everywhere. Haha. No really, it's both those things.

First half of hilt mold with fiber-glass mother mold

Gel-coat of fiberglass resin

Blurry picture of the completed hilt mold

I wrapped the grip in aluminum foil to make a pattern

The (paper) pattern:

Testing some black vinyl for the grip

As usual, there's a gap in my progress pictures. Then again, do you really wanna see all the stages of painting?

In game, the "Veist" logo is very subtle but it is there. For this prop, I used a vinyl stencil that I had a friend make for me. Then I just sprayed some gloss clear coat on it. So basically, like in game, you really don't see the logo unless you tilt the sword.

It doesn't show up in these pics, but the darker upper part of the blade has color-shift paint on it. At different angles, the highlight is either purple or green. -That's how it is in game.

I was able to order some lime-green-colored perforated vinyl for the grip which was perfect!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Old Man Logan

This was for Halloween 2017. I don't really have any progress pics. Unless you wanna see me clicking "buy" on Amazon for some black pants.

I modeled and 3d printed one claw, made a silicone mold and pulled 6 casts. I also 3d printed a grip and used some 1/8" aluminum rods to connect each claw to the grip. Basically just like the prop from the movie(s). Rub n' Buff for the silvery shine.

Original Photos by Damon Wilson-Hart
Crappy Photoshop by me

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Destiny: Dreg's Promise

I made Dreg's Promise on sort of  a whim. I always like the "sidearm" in-game even though it wasn't super-effective in PvP! I just always thought that it would look super-cool in real-life, prop form.
I decided to start 3D modeling it and see where it took me.

A few beauty shots. I need to re-photoshop these. They're way too sharp. Eck!

Screenshot from in-game:

I saved tons of time and effort by starting the modeling process by using Destiny STL Generator which is a fantastic site that pulls all the low-poly models from the Destiny Armory website (now gone because Destiny2!), and spits them out in STL format. 

The great thing about starting with a low-detail version is that all the (official/accurate) proportions are already figured out. It took many many hours to get all the proportions of Hawkmoon and Monte Carlo correct before I could even start creating the details.

Here's the low-poly model from Destiny STL Generator  You can see how unrefined and low-detail it is

And here is my finished, high-poly model. I basically re-modeled each part with much greater detail:

You can see how much denser the mesh is here:

Next of course, came the 3D printing. This is the only pic I took of the Dreg's Promise parts. You may also notice the printed parts of Bolt-Caster sword which I still haven't touched (9/6/17)

Stop me if you've heard this before (lol), but I didn't take many pictures while I was working on it.
 I will say though, that there's not much to see while I'm filling, priming, sanding. I think everyone kind of gets that part right? I basically only took pics of the pertinent parts of construction. I've saved you time essentially! You're welcome! Though if you're reading this I'm most definitely taking up more of your time than if had I just posted loads of pics you could scroll through. Haha.

Here I wanted to be able to pop these more intricate and delicate parts on and off as I built the gun. This helped just get these parts out of the way when rough fitting and painting the parts later.

It may seem a bit convoluted, but I used the drill press to ensure that the screw head went into the cap perfectly straight and perpendicular. It paid off because this bolt screw thingie here lies up perfectly and screws in straight!

At this stage I had to figure out how to make a mechanism to release and catch the front end of the gun when "reloading"

I picked a discreet place for the button (at the top of the grip just under an overhang), and started improvising from there. It ended up working pretty well. The tough part was making sure the button-press action through the horizontal rod translated through the vertical rod sufficiently enough to hold the barrel assembly in place.

Instead of 3d printing 8 of these spike thingies, I just made a mold of two of them. 

Finding the right colors ended up being quite a challenge. I ended up using acetone several times to wipe off entire paint coats to start over on the big barrel cover part (seen near top of this pic below) 

After many paint tests, I ended up with two orange shades. The base coat was a more saturated orange, and the top coat was a duller orange.
After the base coat dried, I sprayed the duller orange over top of it and dried it with a hair dryer. Next I rubbed off the dull orange in some of the high spots and areas that would be prone to wear.

It's clear from the reference images that the base color of the gun is a dark brown and the orange was painted on top of that. Rather than doing a lot of time-consuming masking with tape or mustard, I just painted the dark brown on top, going into all the panel lines and crevices as well as created some scratches and paint chips.-This is more clear in the final images farther below.

First shot of completed Dreg's Promise
This prop I think is my favorite so far. It just looks so cool to see this alien gun in real life!
It was a real hit when I brought it in to display at work and when I posted that first image (on the bench) to Twitter. I got so many followers and likes. It was really bizarre. I barely made a dent on Twitter with Adam Jensen! I honestly don't get it.

The unfortunate thing is that this is a one-off 3D print. I can't make more of these unless I do what I did with Monte Carlo and tear this a part to make molds. After writing up this post (many months after actually completing the gun), I'm kinda motivated to do so. We'll see I guess!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Adam Jensen 2.0 Deus Ex Mankind Divided

In 2012 I did Adam Jensen from Human Revolution: Deus Ex Human Revolution AJ Costume

When they announced a new Deus Ex game, I was psyched! Then I saw that they were making a new Adam Jensen suit. Pfffft! Not at all surprising, so here we go:

 (More final pics at the bottom)

Some project notes:

This project started officially in preparation for Halloween 2015. Because of how little time I had between the game's announcement and Halloween, I only had time to make the vest and utility belt.
I ended up using the Human Revolution arms.

After Halloween 2015 I started to work on new Mankind Divided arms in preparation for my first San Diego Comic Con (2016) which was in late June.

I'm was happy with the results, but it was super-uncomfortable to wear all day and I ended up ripping the upper arm muscles.

After SDCC, I started redesigning better fitting forearms for 3D print, and doing the upper arm muscles again -this time more durable.  This was in preparation for Halloween 2016.

To be honest, I'm not sure how much more comfortable everything was! At the moment, I'm thinking about redesigning the forearms to be completely out of foam. This would be in preparation for SDCC 2017.

...yeah I don't know when I'll stop working on this project and wearing it to events. I really love the  Adam Jensen character, and all the Deus Ex games. Plus I can sort of pull off looking the part. I can't stop! One day I will figure out how to do extending arm blades.

Because of that time crunch,  I didn't take many pictures of the "vest" construction.
Here it is completely assembled Mod Podged, Plasti-dipped and primed.


All the hardware for the vest which includes a bunch of parts I modeled and 3D printed.

Completed vest.

Starting on the upper arm muscles:

I shaped them with a Dremel and a stationary belt sander.

Adhesive-backed carbon fiber vinyl wrap (from Amazon)


Both Deltoids:

One half a bicep:
 Triceps all wrapped up:

Starting on the upper arm "cuff" to which all muscles are attached:

Starting to glue the muscles to the upper arm cuff:

Almost there:


Just some of the iterations for the Mankind Divided versions of the forearms.
On the left in blue is the Human Revolution version which I used as a starting point.

Further iteration:

Here are the parts that ended up getting 3d printed:

Painting the forearm and finger parts:

Assembling the hands. This was tedious AF. Not as tedious as taking each flat finger piece and using a hairdryer to soften the PLA then bend each of them around my fingers though. -The number of times I burned my fingers with hot PLA or had super glue soak through the glove and stick it to my skin. 

Very happy with how they came out though:

Combination of magnets and snaps to attach the top forearm piece:

These forearms came out much better than my first iteration (which I took to SD Comic Con 2016) They were super-uncomfortable. Like having super-tight handcuffs on all day. 

These are a bit bigger all around and go on my arms smoother. Still, I think in the next iteration, I will use thinner elastic and loosen it a bit. It was really annoying trying to fish my hand through those straps.

My least favorite part. Sewing. -But I don't have access to a sewing machine, so "super-glueing."
That's right, I super-glued each piece of vinyl to make the belt pouches.
Still least favorite, and it only came out "OK."


San Diego Comic Con 2016 Meetup hosted by Bill Doran (Punished Props).
Bill Doran (evil ted shirt) ............................................................Punished Props
Ted Smith (behind bill)................................................................Evil Ted Smith
Jason Biser (Comander Shepard).................................................Biser Builds

Turns out Deus Ex: Mankind Divided was being shown at SDCC. That provided for some neat pics.
And they gave me a lanyard! Yup! A lanyard!

Pretty sweet shot over my shoulder over Adam Jensen's shoulder in game.

The Square-Enix lanyard:

Photos by Damon Wilson-Hart