Friday, November 1, 2013

Destiny: Hunter

This is my Hunter costume from Destiny. I did not take an progress pictures, so here are the finished pics.

 Halloween (2013)


About a year later, I made a bunch of improvements:
1. Ditched the khaki pants and long-sleeve shirt in favor of some military uniform liners.
2. Cut sections out of the liners and sewed in some black vinyl to get closer to the in-game under-suit.
3. Redid the bracelets, and added that red box thingie for the upper arm.  
4. Added some small details to the gloves. 
5. Purchased actual boots. Those hand made ones shown above were horrifying!

The following pictures are from PAX (prime) 2014: 

Joined up with fellow guardians/co-workers.

Additional guardians joined up (presumably for the Crucible!)

"The Crucible is no place for mercy!"

Destiny launch event (Sept 8, 2014) 

Signing autographs and hanging with fans

I borrowed an Iron Banner cape that a co-worker made for launch day.