Thursday, November 1, 2012

"I never asked for this"

A little fun with Photoshop here. Just the eyes and that hex thing on the forehead. The rest is real.

It all started with the glasses. I bought a cheap grocery store pair that looked like they might sort of be a good base shape. I built up the shape with JB Kwik weld to get to this point:

On to the suit-proper. Here we have muscle-building materials.

Patterns for the upper arm muscles.

I used a thin piece of craft foam for the base, then glued upholstery foam that I sculpted with scissors onto the foam. Next I used fabric glue to wrap a shiny black fabric over the foam and some grey ribbon to line the edges.

Taking shape. Dat deltoid!

All the muscles that make up the upper arm.

Here, I've started on that gold "cuff" that all the upper arm muscles attach to.

Starting to attach the muscles to the "cuff" piece.

Finished upper arm.

On to the vest. Pretty simple eva foam affair.

This is the chest armor that goes under the outer vest.


To attach the upper arm pieces to my body, I took a spandex shirt and attached a series of small buckles which connect to each muscle. Tendons if you will.

Test fitting.

Here I've sculpted the forearms in Zbrush to be 3d printed.

The 3d printed forearm parts.

Sanding, filling, priming.

Test fitting. They were a little small, but it worked out ok in the end.

I made molds for the parts that were not right/left arm specific.

Finished forearm pieces.

To make the pouches, I did something a little silly. I just printed out the diffuse map texture and blew it up to life-size. Then I just built the pouches from duck cloth and grey ribbon, using foam pieces to fill them up.

I entered the RPF Halloween contest in 2012 and this is a picture that proves me and my work.
You can also see the pants. I ended up finding wax-coated jeans. -Yeah, I guess that's a thing. From Hot Topic of all places. I used fabric glue to attach the green ribbon.

During the project, I was contacted by a representative of Eidos Montreal who wanted to do an article about Dues Ex cosplay:
 Eidos Montreal: Cosplay Augmented

Final Pics:


Come at me Chief.